How to Win Someone Back - 4 Tips that Will Win his Heart and Make Him Yours
By Julie Sanders

Losing someone you love is a painful experience but you can ease that pain by learning how to win someone back each and every time. These four tips will help you get him back and keep him so that you'll never have to experience the pain of this type of loss again.

Stop following bad advice and put these tips to work for you today. Are you ready to learn how to win someone back?

1) Never let him see you sweat.
Don't be desperate. He can smell desperation a mile away and if you sacrifice all of your pride in an effort to get him back you will be giving up one of things he probably liked most about you.

2) Stop expecting him to read your mind.
I'm sure you've done it. Probably more than once. Gotten mad at him for not doing something you wanted him to do.

Guys may grumble when you ask them to take out the garbage, help in the kitchen, fix the garbage disposal or mow the rain forest that you once called a lawn but they prefer that to your being mad at them because they didn't read your mind and do it without being asked.
Ask him. Tell him. Use words to communicate. This is the surest way to win someone back if he has leaving on his mind.

3) Improve yourself.
This doesn't mean that you need to make changes you think he'll like. You need to make changes YOU will like. Become the person you want to be independent of him. Chances are that he'll like the person you are and want to be with you much better than your attempts to be the person you think he wants you to be.

4) Don't call, text, visit, or email.
Allow him the opportunity to miss you before you attempt to re-establish contact with him. If you don't give him a chance to find out what he's missing it will be difficult to convince him that there's a hole in his life without you. When trying to discover how to win someone back this is one of the keys. They have to have the chance to experience loss and really feel that loss before they will want you back.

Now you have four great ways how to win someone back and fix your relationship. If you want to have him eating out of your hands and begging you to forgive him or take him back you must do these four things.

  • Don't beg or ask him to take you back.
  • Learn to tell him what you want and need from him and the relationship - stop expecting him to read your mind.
  • Become the person you want to be - a strong independent woman who is confident about who she is will be much more attractive to him than someone pining away and living in misery.
  • Stop the stalker act! Seriously. Give him his space. You're a great girl. Give him the opportunity to remember that and miss you.

Now is the time for action. Are you ready to figure out how to win someone back today?

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How To Win Someone Back


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